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William Duffield
you can't really get pictures of curved things

It's called "Photoshop."

There is a feature built into Photoshop that will build you an in focus deep depth of field image from a stack of photomicrographs each with very shallow depth of field. My son uses it all the time for photos of bugs, seeds, etc. You need a very solid microscope support, so all the photos are aligned, and you need to take lots of photos, so each part that you want to be in focus is sharp in at least one of the pics. The process takes a lot of data, many gigabytes, and a lot of processing power (or a lot of time), but it is eminently doable. If you can't afford PhotoSho, or don't want to steal it, there are other software packages that are much less expensive that will also do the job, but have quirks or bugs of one type or another that you have to learn to work around.

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