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Why I didn't further plane blades...

David Weaver
i sharpened one plane blade, maybe two - don't remember.

The nice thing about the chisel is that when you're moving the bevel edge back, you're going to end up removing most of the wear (near all?) on the back. So there's no great reason to do anything on the back with the buffer other than use the loose edge of the weave on the back to make sure there's no remaining burr.

But, there's a whole lot of wear on the back of a plane iron - longer scratches if not using a cap iron, and short deeper wear if the cap is used. I found for a hundredth set, probably 3 thousandths of wear. How much do we sharpen off? I have no idea. I'd be surprised if we knock 3 thousandths off working the bevel side.

So, you get stuck working the back, and then on top of that, the unicorn bevel may leave a more blindingly polished surface, but the way a plane iron wears is different (usually not much for edge defects and lots for wear that removes the initial edge quickly).

I could be wrong, though. It may be worth dedicating one iron to a shallower primary to solve the clearance issue.

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