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Unicorn profile...

David Weaver
I'd like to propose a name change (as I don't like having my name on something that I know has been done before, even if the precise bits and pieces haven't been published as such for tools).

Since the idea of bettering a flat edge in penetration, honing time, and edge holding is sort of like chasing a unicorn, I think unicorn profile is a good name.

However, in fairness to wiley (since I attach the message to the person often and manage to unintentionally offend folks who like to separate both), this idea (Even if not original) and me are one in and the same, so if someone thinks it's dumb or unoriginal, I won't be offended in the least to have it assaulted and my introduction of it (by name) attached to the assault. I'd prefer to be dressed down via idea/points arguments if it leads to learning something and I might miss it if you don't accuse me in the process!

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