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Re: A new block plane question

Warren in Lancaster, PA
About a month ago I read on a forum about a guy who was in a museum in Rhode Island looking at a chest of a famous Newport maker from maybe 240 years ago. The fellow got a docent to open up a drawer so he could look at the dovetails and judge skill of the maker. What is weird is that the maker was probably more concerned about moldings and carvings. I guess that if there is no turning, no carving, no moldings, no special finishing, no inlay, and everything is just sanded to a uniform dullness, the drawer dovetails become high art.

I often just make a chamfer with a chisel. I found some that I made decades ago with no apparent chamfer, or possibly just very small. I also found some 18th century drawer sides with chamfers which appeared to be made with a plane. One 18th century drawer side had a big chamfer on the sides and also top and bottom, as if to help ease it into the drawer opening.

You can make a chamfer one handed with a #3 plane or a wooden smoother pretty easily.

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