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Diamonds on corian ()

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I evaluated acrylic, Plexiglas, when we studied loose diamond sharpening. It was good for coarse grits because they embedded better than the not at all on cast iron. But it was "sticky", which was cured with propylene glycol lube. I never tried 1 micron diamond on it.

Corian is this same acrylic filled with hydrated alumina. Colors are pigments of some sort. All this filler would do nothing but improve acrylic as a substrate and could eliminate the stickiness. Another experiment to try is alumina on Corian.

I am concerned with WD 40 as a lube. It could soften it, but maybe not. Needs testing on Plexiglas where the result will be easier to tell......I will do it. Water may work well or light oil for that matter.

Weaver has turned this Forum into the Journal of Woodworking Research. We need to start peer reviewing :) David get this Corian thing out on your Facebook account. It solves the expense of cast iron and the carry over issue. Contaminate the 1 micron plate....toss it. Everywhere has a Corian cabinet shop. They generate gobs of scrap.

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