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David Weaver
..I have used infill planes and made infill planes. My smallest is a narrow 55 degree smoother. It's so heavy that it's perhaps good for a couple of very small tasks (planing narrow thin really hard woods - as in short little pieces).

With the heavier infill planes. I find myself walking around cautiously for fear of dropping them. It sounds ridiculous, but they are heavier and often not as well balanced. The heavier chariot planes probably have some wood show appeal (if you're used to a 60 1/2, they will feel very smooth giving the false perception that something more smooth is happening with the wood, just as the heavier smoothing planes can mask minor tearout by making it feel like it's not occurring.

Dropping any of them is an absolute disaster. For an older plane, it's dalbergia nigra that can never be original and unbroken again, and on the new ones....resale is already poor, I can't imagine selling one that's been dropped.

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