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Diamonds on corian

David Weaver
I finally tried this - will report back with more use at some point, but initial thoughts:
* better and more resiliant than wood, better feel
* working small areas like bevels, etc, you won't have the potential of creating a bit of a wire edge if you lift the chisel to do the "roll".


The diamonds do embed. How much? I don't know.

Feel is excellent. Worthy of using if you have corian scraps around.

I lubricated the surface with WD 40, as usual.

The picture above is 1 micron diamonds, no stropping, no perceptible wire edge and a lot of the small lines in the picture may be WD 40 - it's difficult to wipe all of the stuff off of an edge for microscope pictures as any tiny amount left is reflective. This is after about 10 wipes on a shirt in different spots.

Here is a dan's black ark (that's only been used for razors before the iron test) for comparison in regard to fineness.

Both of these levels of fineness work well in actual work, but you can feel that the diamond edge is sharper, and in the durability test, it lasted longer.


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