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David Weaver
..when I got my first hand scope ($12), it showed me what I need to see. The pictures are a little blurry, but you can hold it in hand and snap pictures with it.

When I broke it (or it refuses to communicate with win10, can't remember), I got another one. The second one has never worked, so I got a third. You can see everything you'd ever need to study sharpening using one of those.

The metallurgical scope takes OK pictures, but it can be a pain to use if something doesn't fit neatly on it and at its cost, it has no view depth (so you can't really get pictures of curved things.

We are very lucky now as easy as it is for us to see small things (I use the metallurgical scope to grade japanese stones and confirm that razors are properly set up before selling them - it cuts the time that you need to do things because you can see when an edge is finished and not keep battering on, but the confirmation is important if you say a straight razor is honed because a lot of people buying are beginners and have zero hope of correcting anything).

The color and grain fineness on the picture you took is something I'll never be able to get on the metallurgical scope, that's for sure!!

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