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The microscope is one that I got for my kids. I've been really impressed with it -- for $80, it's a real microscope with a metal body and three objectives. It's fun to have around just to look at stuff that you're curious about (I've spent way more time looking through it than my kids have). The phone mount was $15, I think, and the light is an LED camping lantern, which is good for photos because it's more diffuse than a flashlight.

The pictures I've shared were taken with the lowest-magnification objective. Because I've been taking pictures of the bevel side, the shallow depth-of-field with the higher magnifications makes it hard to make out anything.

People say that using a 30x loupe will teach you a lot about sharpening. Using this microscope in the last couple of days has taught me at least as much.

Regarding chipping vs rolling: Yesterday I buffed a plane blade to see how well it would work. I buffed it less than the chisels, to avoid possible clearance issues since it's a bevel-down plane. The resulting wood surface was incredibly smooth. I'm able to achieve that level of tactile smoothness with just stones, but the buffer made it much easier to get there. (Burr removal on the side of the buffer wheel is a bad idea when the blade is wider than the exposed radius of the wheel, by the way. After a scary incident trying that, I used a plain strop on the blade's back to do the deburring.) As I was planing, I wondered if I would experience the clearance issues that David mentioned, but before I got there, I noticed tracks in the wood. There was a nick in the blade that I could just make out with the naked eye. With the blade under the scope, it looked like a huge triangle was removed from the blade -- very different from the worn chisel images I've shared so far.

As for the wood, I wasn't chopping this time around, just paring. I don't know the exact kind of pine it is. It's a just a scrap chunk of a 2x4 that has been sitting around for over a year, so it's has time to dry out and is harder to cut than a fresh 2x4 would be. I'd say it's middle-of-the-road in terms of density for construction lumber.

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