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I've made a video.....
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Weaver chisel grind *PIC* ()

David Weaver
it's long and three parts and it'll be until later today that I patch them together.

I need to describe what the problem is in the video, what the ideal solution is so far, and then prove that it works better than a typical flat bevel, show the damage to the steeper flat bevel that doesn't occur in the buffed edge, and then finally show how long it takes to sharpen off the tiny buffed part.

Brevity isn't my strong point.

And then I realized that I'd better add a point about safety at the end because if I put it on youtube and make it public, someone inexperienced could easily stuff their chisel into the top part of a buffer wheel and have it shot at them with great speed.

This is the first time I've a/b-ed two chisels and taken microscope pictures, and it makes for a half hour or more of videos to show all of it, but I get the drizziling ___ of finding something that actually works better and then getting a bunch of youtube comments and forum jockey junk that creates even more nuisance afterwards. The a/b test was better than I expected - the rounded edge chisel was intentionally chosen as the wider of the two sorby chisels and vs. a flat bevel, it went through the wood easier than the narrower chisel (not counting for any compensation for width - easier at greater width) and sustained far less damage:

20/28 degrees narrower chisel in beech (more strikes to get through the same wood):
(same primary, honed -and then 1 micron diamond honed polished on the facet 28 degree secondary bevel, and hand stropped to remove any wire edge). This is as close as I can get to giving a typical microbevel the benefit of the doubt (to avoid the extra wedging that would occur with a full flat bevel)

20/25/buffed chisel in beech (fewer or same number of strikes - i probably ended up malleting it less hard in the video to come because it went through the cut a lot easier)

these are around 100-150 true optical, the back sides (sorry I don't get the rounded bevel side - it's just way too hard to take pictures of curved surfaces on a scope that has such a shallow field of view.

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