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Moving the needle
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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Dulling a struck chisel by micro folding or micro chipping has been discussed on the Forum for many years. As confirmed with a conversation this AM with a mechanical engineer these are the failure mechanisms for a rod(chisel) with sufficient force applied along the long axis, even a force as perfectly parallel as can be possibly achieved. No flaw of force application is necessary if the force is sufficient.

The date on my early microphotographs studying this kind of dulling is 2003. So, for something like 17 years this effect has been known on this Forum for someone to do something about.

Some years ago LV did something about it. They introduced a chisel made from a steel that could be taken to higher hardness while maintaining toughness. Simultaneously increasing both these steel properties resists this kind of dulling and many noted an improved chisel as a result.

There is no evidence presented to suggest that Warren's stropping or anyone else's preparation produces the physical properties of the edge Mr. Weaver described. If anyone can make that claim document it with a picture that shows equivalence to Mr. Weavers picture and description, and describe exactly how this edge was achieved so others could repeat it, and you get the early claim date on this "invention", not Mr. Weaver.

But even if person XX has been using this kind of edge for 40 years there is no credit to be offered until this person "moves someone else's needle". "Moving the Needle" is a phrase a colleague coined to describe an activity, or disclosure that caused something different to happen. Kees and Pan writing moved the needle on using the cap iron. Elliot moved the needle on sharpening abrasion resistant tool steel. Etc. If someone has a useful technique, do something to get others to adapt it. This Forum provides the opportunity. Those benefiting will reward you with "credit" for the information.

Mr. Weaver moves a lot of needles. How? He tries stuff. When he thinks that something he has tried is beneficial he makes a full disclosure of what he did, how he did it and what the result was. Others can then repeat the work to confirm the result. It sounds like Science, the activity that began in the Renaissance which has moved a lot of needles. The people that get credit are the ones that published work for others to learn from.

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