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solving a problem, not creating one...
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Weaver chisel grind *PIC* ()

David Weaver
fortunately, we don't have that many newbies here. I don't know that such a thing is fortunate, but in this case, it is.

This is one of those kind of free solutions that works - and faster than going and buying something else, and I have a soft spot for those.

But the trouble with discussing something like this is that inevitably the resolution/connection that it was being used to solve a problem is lost and it becomes a "Guru's new method that everyone should change to". Next thing you know, someone will go out and buy 300 sharpening stones chasing that kind of nonsense :| :| :|

I didn't think of it as that, but rather rounding edges over and then seeing the justification from cliff stamp, it became something that solves a problem faster than buying and waiting for anything else. Free in cost is one thing, but getting on with something that's not a real drawback (such as making an entire bevel steep - there's a big cost to that in resistance and then in softwoods, the same chisel blows out the end between pins or in sockets), that's really great. If the results sucked, it would've gone into the trashheap of ideas like adding teflon to cap irons.

This doesn't seem to have any real compromises (if we can control ourselves and not make the initial edge too big or too step). And after buying and waiting for a tataki nomi so that I could move up a level and mortise planes faster, this (the roll early on vs the buffer) turned out to make an inexpensive easy sharpening chisel that worked better (the tataki nomi's corners chipped off in heavy work - I never bothered to try tempering it back, just sold it...it had a giant cross section of jigane that wasn't really that soft and it was very slow to resharpen because of it)

I cleanly pared the end of a pencil when i first tried the buffer and came back with the excited result here. If bill hadn't been fighting dovetailing something stringy, it would've disappeared into the ether. I pondered not posting about it (As with most of my crackpot ideas at this point - I usually post them, anyway) because it's goofy.

(but So yamashita does it, too....secretly... and I'd bet some of his earlier-in-the-curve customers wonder why their chisels hold their edges so well and then never do as well again when they resharpen them).

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