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As the weighty topic of planes pushes on below *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I have been making drawers for the desk.

Something new this time, I am making all 5 simultaneously, meaning do all of one operation on all 5, move to next operation. In the past I have completed one at a time. Which is best? I don't know.

The picture shows all the parts cut and fitted and awaiting dovetails. The case is a handy place to store the parts. As is usually the case, the first drawer is a struggle, the next better and by the time I am to the last one things are going smoothly. (A few months pass and the journey repeats for the next set of drawers).

Some years ago I had 500 bdft of ash quarter sawed, which in reality for a circle mill means mostly rift and some perfect quartered. The drawer fronts were cut from one perfect quarter sawed piece of ash, with a bit of figure. The board was cut near a large knot. I thought the grain in this area would make a nice front for the adjacent pencil drawers at the top. How the drawers will look is shown below.

Reality of aesthetic appearance collides with productivity. This grain was not ideal for carving out dovetail pins. Carving better described the waste removal than chiseling or chopping.

I have grown fond of the LV 20 tpi saw for dovetails. Works smoothly in thin poplar. Bounced unpredictably on the end of an ash pin board. The half blinds were not going well at all. Switched back to LN saw and to my surprise the ash sawed smoothly with the LN tooth configuration. Add saw teeth to the list of stuff I have yet to learn.

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