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David Gli
Thanks Derek! It is awfully nice to be able get a very straight edge off the grinder to minimize honing time, as you have pointed out on your website. With a very straight grind , there is less time honing and in use, more hones before needing to regrind. My edge was indeed as sharp as I care to make it. I do like your angle iron jig and will likely try that next time I need to grind this chisel.

Using a crowned wheel, if I saw I was getting such a big central flat, I would have gone back to the wheel and just hit the center of the blade and then gone back to my first stone. With the flat wheel, it is super hard( for me) to hit just the middle of the blade. I recognize that this may be skill related and the ability to visualize perfect squareness. With the crowned wheel though, this is fairly easy. Now only if someone made a nicely crowned CBN wheel, I would happily swap out my coarse CBN wheel for a crowned 180 grit one, using the flat wheel for jigged grinding and the crowned one for freehand. I guess I could go back to a friable wheel, but I am spoiled by the lack of airborne abrasive using the CBN one.

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