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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
In you enthusiasm to discredit what I posted you seem to have lost sight of what it was I wrote about.

What exactly in my post do you disagree with?

Where in my post did I say what you do/did, "didn't work"? With your command of English you surely understand the meaning of "ideal". Do you believe glass is ideal? Do you discount the possibility that someone knowing it is not idea might come up with something better? Would you applaud this discovery?

Which takes us to another issue. You seem to believe that what ever you do is best and you seem driven to convince the rest of the woodworking world that they should do what you advocate or they are fools. There is no other way nor any opportunity for improvement in the last 40 years, or 140.

If someone suggests another way or investigates an improvement they are a threat to your position as the font of woodworking knowledge. You respond by attacking their credibility and hide behind a veil of generalities about the source of your 40 years of woodworking experience. If you want to keep up with your snarky comments about me I am going to respond with specific questions about this 40 years of vague experience you claim so that your claims can be put in context of how you got it.

I will be the first to acknowledge you have a lot of valid experience to offer. But woodworking a broad deep field with opportunity for a lot of valid means to the end, and new technology. There are others that have acquired as much or more experience on a topic than you have. Accept the reality that you don't know it all or what is best for every occasion.

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