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Re: When things don't go to plan...

Raymond in Trenton NJ
Hi Jim,

Ditto what everyone said when things actually hit the fan. Been there, done that, all true. Secure everything and walk away and think about/do something else. Sweeping and straightening up work for me, and I get to stay in the shop and glare at the 'problem project' :o)

There are other times where it's not actually tanking, but I start feeling muddled, things take longer/are harder and I start fumbling. Clues to me that work is not flowing and I'm forcing too much (or tired). There I force myself to walk away and do something else. The engineering gene in me doesn't want to let go or stop. I can fix this right? There's also a bit of ... pride(?) ... in there having to admit that I'm stuck or can't do it. Walking away feels bad for an instant, but I've learned all to well that a solution will present itself. And when I least expect it. That feels good for a long time.

I definitely am my own worst enemy (and critic!).


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