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David Weaver
waiting to be moved upstairs. T&G is off on the back as I don't want it on the case until the last second (so that I can lift the top on and off easily).

The top case could've had more depth, but I copied the dimensions off of what we have already and I guess lack of depth does prevent hidden items on the top shelf (those things that aren't in front).

Moulding wrapped around the bottom of the top case is questionable - it's a quirked bead - for some reason, I thought it would go with the doors, but instead, it mismatches the two top mouldings and the base stepped cove. There's enough wood there to tape off the case at a later date and cut the bead off into a cove with H&R and then blend it in with finish. The finish is earth pigments (as discussed on here - japan colors mixed into stain).

Photo makes top and bottom sides look drastically different in color, but the're much closer.

Looks kind of old, but not completely old, and looks a little bit worn to start (or hand rubbed at some point) and that's a good condition as small dents won't be noticed.

The mrs. is tasked with finding pulls as she doesn't want turned pulls. I've got loads of rosewood, etc, that would look nice and contrast the orangey brown cherry.

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