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When things don't go to plan...

Jim Matthews
I'm curious what others do, when things go off the rails.

I'm making something to store socks in, entirely by hand.
Because the resulting cabinet is large (50×40 inches), I've resawn to 1/2" nominal thickness.

It will subdivide to three sets of cubbies, largest at the bottom for use in our entryway.

I've been finishing each panel as I go, because applying finish when assembled is daunting.

Here's the rub - I don't trust 1/2" dovetails in the Sugar Maple I'm using for the side panels.


When things go well, I'm knee deep in shavings.

When a project stumps me, I sweep.

My floor has been *very* clean, of late.

What do the rest of you do, when things go wrong?

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