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Re: File Handling Tip

For small files as are used for dovetail saw sharpening, a wine cork works fine as a handle. For larger files (and sometimes small ones) I turn wooden handles with ferrules of copper pipe or brass fittings, and drill a stepped hole with several bit sizes. For my file use so far, friction has held them in the handles well enough, and this allows transfer of a favorite handle to the file currently in use. Various handles are needed mostly because tang sizes vary.

I'm curious what you do with a file where an epoxied handle would help. All my uses of files involve pushing the handle on.

Syringes with rubber tipped plunger are not what you want for epoxy. By searching for "PP plunger syringe" I found that Grainger Item # 45UC67 is the type of syringe I prefer, with a polypropylene plunger. These are preferred for use with anything other than water. They are stable to epoxy: I buy it in gallon quantities for some uses, but keep a 10 mL syringe full of resin and a 5 mL syringe of hardener to easily measure out the 2:1 ratio in small amounts, though I don't use syringes for transfer of mixed epoxy. The filled syringes are capped by pushing the ends into a hardwood block with appropriately sized holes, which also stands them ready to hand.

These are the syringe type:

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