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William Duffield
When I work with epoxy (usually West System) I clean up with acetone. The rubber stoppers in my syringes do not do well with an acetone bath. They tend to swell up and lose their flexibility. In the future when I'm using syringes, I'll try the DNA, because I also hate destroying and trashing syringes.

The advantage of the plumber's epoxy is that it requires no syringe, measurement of resin and hardener is trivial, there is no problem with trapped and compressed air bubbles pushing the tool out of the handle as soon as you turn away, clean-up is insignificant, and you don't need even minuscule amounts of blue tape. I use ProPoxy from Ace Hardware. Note that, like other epoxies, there are warnings on the label about skin and eye irritation and allergic reactions, so I guess I should be using my nitrile gloves when I work with it.


Whenever I use a file or rasp without a handle, I'm uneasy about the possibility of skewering the palm of my hand if I accidentally run the file into something that won't give. I understand draw filing the edge of a metal sheet after you have torched it or cut it with snips, but I haven't found a woodworking file or rasp application that didn't benefit from the use of a handle.

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