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A Syringe “Tip”
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Raymond in Trenton NJ
A suggestion, not the business end :D

Sir William,

Looking forward to your handle treatise. For files and rasps I prefer removable handles. For some applications I also find then better sans handles. Now, for all other HT handles I’ve made (awls, marking knives, depth drills [for turning], etc) they are epoxy in with 5 minute liquid mix. Judicious amounts and blue tape never made a mess not easily cleaned up with denatured alcohol (isopropyl also works). DA also thins epoxy, used that to fuel-proof the engine and fuel tank bulkheads and compartments on my RC planes in HS.

OK, here’s the tip: flush your syringe with DA.

The first flush, I fill the syringe with DA to clear the majority of uncured epoxy into newspaper or paper towel. After that I pump DA in and out from a couple (few?) oz in a small paper cup. I do this ‘more times than I think necessary’ (never counted :o) I wipe the plunger tip with DA before putting it away. I’ve had syringes last years. I usually can get the syringe cleaned where the epoxied work is getting stiff enough where any blobs are easy to peel off.

Yeah, the syringes are cheap, but I’d rather have it in my workshop than in a landfill. Paper towels and tape are about the only single use tools I’m OK with. Just my preference and two cents.

Be well and talk to you later,

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