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Leo Cuellar
My process is similar, but, I use drill bits (from flea markets or garage sales) that I've taper ground to match the shape of the tang. I just chuck the bit into a cordless drill and run it on the side of a stone on the slow speed grinder to shape it into the size I need. Before drilling with the tapered bit, I use a normal bit sized to the small end of the tang to drill a bit deeper(1/2") than the length of tang I intend to sink into the handle to keep the tang from bottoming out, and or splitting the handle when being driven home. I generally use a piece of copper pipe for a ferrule fitted to be tight and also needing to be driven onto the handle. Deburring and chamfering the inside of the ferrule before installation eases the process. I've never needed to use epoxy or glue. If one ever does come loose all that would be required would be a smart whack with a mallet to reseat it. The oldest ones I've done with this method have been in service for 15 years.

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