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ash desk *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

A lot of hand work in this one. 64 M&T , 20 dovetail and 2 bridle joints. I was unsure how this experiment would turn out. Looks good enough for the kitchen... a lot better than a 45 year old oak sewing cabinet pressed into service for a kitchen desk.

Dry fit at this point to prove I can get this puzzle together. I will assemble it for good all at once. The original plan was to assemble sub assemblies but some design lack of fore thoughts make it need to go together in an order that precludes doing sub assemblies.

I think I will add a cross piece at the bottom of the legs for enhanced sturdiness.

I should have designed a horizontal piece at the bottom of the right panel to frame the panels like on the top.

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