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David Weaver
I've been arranged to the basement of the house while stuck working remotely. It's heated and cooled, carpeted, but otherwise extremely crude (the carpet is an orange/red - hides dirt well - the walls are painted block, and with retaining devices on my side).

One thing that marriage brought years ago was removal of anything that looks like a significant stereo upstairs - the mrs. doesn't like the look of components and separate speakers. I righted this wrong recently by sneaking in some more modern bookshelf speakers and a subwoofer, and our now unused TV has been present while I hemmed and hawed about getting it installed on something crude, not expensive, and not much work to make.

In the load of cherry that I got last time (#1 common), there is just some outright unusable wood for anything polite. as bits and piece of this stuff build up, I usually burn them and the kids roast marshmallows, but I figured I would limit myself to an hour and see if it would be possible to blitz some of the junk through a lunch box planer, screw it and pin it and slather it with polyurethane (Which I have only in semi-gloss and just can't figure out how to get it to look nice on anything without the gloss).

In this dank corner, this is the result. I did not hand plane it to finish slowly, i just planed it and then scraped it (there was more marking left on it from the scraping than the planing). There is no style intent, it needs to stay in the wall and will have to tolerate being broomed to get spiderwebs off of it.


Even the knot is a bit punky. Though this really has not much to do with hand tools, getting the tearout from the planer out and then getting this hand planed 12 years ago would've caused me some obnoxiousness. Instead, I just planed it through from one end to another. No bits of the knot broke off or out. It was quite pleasant. never even bothered to take fine shavings (and see a tiny bit of tearout left in the edge).

But I couldn't have found a civil TV mount any faster, and may, at this point, make some small magnetic turned caps (as fast as I can) to cover the tapcons.

The two speakers have platforms of similar quality, but they are smaller

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