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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Your work is crisp and the lines match - nothing to worry about in that case.

Sanding, like any other part of woodworking, benefits from experience. I have on hand at least 1000 sheets of sandpaper ranging from 2000 to 80 grit, so I m never at a loss for sandpaper. (it comes up at flea markets and I snag a pack if it is 10 cents a sheet or less.

People are flocking to spiral head jointers to avoid torn grain. I have stood beside one for long enough that I know how to avoid torn grain with straight knives. All the keen senses that hand planers rely on to get a good edge are useful at a power jointer too to achieve a satisfactory result. The tool is different; the interaction of senses and result is not. That said I keep a hand plane at hand now days. If an edge comes up that needs a shaving or two removed I am likely to fix it in the vise and whisk it away, where as some time ago I would have made a trip across the shop to the jointer. But if I have several panels to assemble from boards I will most surely power joint them. I am frugal about expending effort.

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