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fluff balls of ash *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Slowly selecting and fitting parts for a desk. I'm unsure I am going to like the result, but we need its function and it is a practice run for one for granddaughter. Thought it would be easy but it has turned out to be a fitting marathon. Each leg wound up with lots of holes for lots of pieces attached to it.

Anyway, it will not be stained so I thought I would risk planing the surfaces. I have not had easy success doing anything with ash in the past. Ash can have a brittle texture and be prone to picking out divots with machine or by hand.

In this case a slow growth leg not only planed smoothly, it made these puff ball shavings. I'll save them for granddaughter visit. She turns things like these into all sorts of pretend applications.

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