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David Weaver
...I've seen other people use the front edge to start a cut, like on a corner. A frame saw, you can sort of lay onto a board and it just kind of cuts (But the teeth on mine are smaller than these maebiki teet - my teeth are about 2.25 or so per inch, so that may have something to do with it.

starting the maebiki is a little bit harder, probably for two reasons - the tall shape that will wobble a little bit, and the really aggressive rake pulling back into the straws instead of severing them and pushing them out. If we have a bias with western saws, it's to bear down and go off of 90 in a direction that severs straws and pushes them off. If you bear down on a maebiki, it's hard to do that.

I haven't seen anyone demonstrate use of these in wet wood (the pitsaw demonstrations with large lumber appear to be cants that aren't dry), and the folks cutting dry wood logs with the maebiki provide times of like several hours for a 6 foot board about 14 inches wide.

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