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David Weaver
Hi, John - "big" saw on the top, small one in the middle, and then a 28" disston rip saw for scale (5 point).


They don't look that big, though they do look tall and the teeth are noticeably large.

The tang style on the middle one allows for testing without much pain (it's heavy steel, not just thin sheet), and presumably is made for a handle where the tang goes through the width.

The top tang style appears to be one where the tang goes into the end of the handle.

Though they don't look big in the picture due to their length, the top saw weighs 6 pounds and 2 ounces. They're heavy duty. The bottom saw is probably 80% of that (I didn't weigh it).

plate thickness on the taller saw at the tooth line is .075" at the teeth. Cumbersome to try to use them where a frame saw would normally be used.

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