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Maebiki vs. Frame saw ()

Wiley Horne
I’ll be interested to see how your resaw goes.

My own limited experience: I wanted to resaw a sugar maple board. Tried both a big western rip saw and a Japanese 480mm saw with a combination tooth (a real one, double-tapered by hand). I started the cuts from both sides, making deep triangles, then sawing the center down, and repeat.

Both saws followed the grain. By that, I mean the saw plate stayed in the correct kerf on both sides of the board, but grain followed in the center, in one case actually daylighting in the middle while staying in the original kerfs on either side.

I didn’t have a frame saw, but that was my introduction to why they exist.

Your maebiki may have enough set to avoid my problem. Or maybe it was the hard maple, or more likely my technique wasn’t right.


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