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David Weaver
I polish only the bevel side with any briskness. I do run the back of the chisel on the corner of the buff (which probably couldn't buff a thousandth off of something in 5 hour) briefly, but I can't feel any pronounced burr unless one is left from a prior step (in that case, it's better if not too much is left over as this doesn't remove enough metal to get rid of the burr just polishing on the bevel side).

I'm sure some approximate duplication from a strop could be created, but it's easier for the buff to be practically uncontaminated (meaning that if it has contaminants, I don't notice them either because they're thrown out, or because the buff isn't hard enough to back them in a way that they'll scratch a blade).

I have used loaded strops for various things over the years and am sure they could do this, but with more effort from the user - and the need to keep them clean and uncontaminated.

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