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Washita stone *PIC*

Chuck Bjorgen
I found a used but decent condition Washita stone on eBay and it arrived yesterday. I got it on a buy it now transaction for $18 plus $7 shipping. It came in a box marked Brookstone. Curiously there was (still is) the same stone package with an asking price of around $250. It is marked new. I suspect the seller of my stone thought that a fissure mark on both sides of the stone, but not on the sides, suggest It is broken. It sure doesn’t seem cracked or broken in any way to me. The stone measures 2 x 6 x 1/2”, plenty of landscape for freehand sharpening. It could use some flattening on one side which seemed to get the most use. You can see the supposed fissure in the right side of the photo. I did a test sharpening on my pocket knife and the stone seems solid.
This raises some question about Washita stones in general. I’m familiar with the course, darkly mottled types. What about these lighter colored varieties. Are these the ones called “LillyWhites?”
Just how many varieties of Washitas are there?

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