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more on the door aesthetic...

David Weaver
i think it will be fine.

These doors are just loose. Door 1 on the right, learned a few things with it (remember, not a furniture maker) and door 2 on the left will require less finishing.

The top rail on the right side door....I dropped, and spoiled the miter fit and will remake once I'm done with the other doors if steaming that bead doesn't bring it back to something acceptable.


Changing brakes and rotors on a car, building a bunch of junk for a garden and fixing some other things has slowed time to make these. Once I have the panel and the rails ready to build, door two took about two hours. I don't know if an hour is possible profiling, grooving, mortising and fitting, but I aim to find out by door #4!!

This is the princely plane that does the grooving (a plane that I actually made for grooving drawer sides for the kitchen - it cuts off center on 3/4ths stock, but that turns out to be just what I need here to push the panel to the front of the rail a little bit and prevent a bead from having a tall flat side down to the door panel):

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