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Re: Drawer planing fixture

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
Question: what program do you use to reduce pixel size?

John, I am on a Mac (MacBook Pro), however the same software is available for Windows.

Up until about two years ago I used a Canon DSLR, and then moved to using my aging iPhone 6. For the purposes of the photos I take, a phone camera is capable of excellent photos. Lighting and composition are the two added ingredients needed. This past January I purchased an iPhone 11, partly as I heard such good reports about its camera.

Most photos, whether from a DSLR or phone, are produced way too large to use for a forum. They are generally about 1-2 Mb in size. I reduce mine to around 120-150 Kb. In the past, before speedier Internet connections were possible, most forums had a 100 Kb limit per photo. Even that was tough for anyone on a dial up connection.

The software (“app” today - do you remember when they were “programs”?) I use is Photoshop Elements, which is a cut down version of the full Photoshop.

Each photo is fine tuned by cropping to the area wanted (removing sections that would distract the eye), then resizing to either 23 or 24cm in height, and fine tuning the sharpness or lighting. Then I save them and reduce/increase the pixel size to 120-ish.

A long way around to say the name of the app, but it is not just plain re-sizing that produces an image here.

Regards from Perth


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