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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I have planed dozens of drawers in the past decade in sizes from large chests of drawers to Spice Box size. They didn't "move, rock or vibrate" for me when simply hung over a piece of plywood of width up to a few inches less than the drawer depth. I would not have recommended that anyone try it if I had found it lacking in any way.

The force of planing forces the side onto the support and the bench keeps the drawer from skewing from this force. This spartan approach is not unique to my way of doing things. It is what I saw being done in professional shops. I just copied it because it was easy to do and stayed with it because it worked.

But each will find out what works for their needs and where they want to spend their time. My objective was to encourage those that had not settled on a means of planing drawers to try the most simple means if simple suited their mood. If found deficient you provided something that is sure to work.

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