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Drawer planing fixture ()

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
An elegant solution to the need.

Directed to those that have never planed a drawer side hung off something of this nature, yet may need to some day........

The drawer would normally be planed with the bottom removed so that the drawer could be slid up against the bench for stability. Planing goes from front to back with a chamfer on the back edge to keep from blowing out the edges of the dovetails.

While it could be enjoyable to build this adjustable drawer holder the need might arise when there was not time to build it. Just a piece of 3/4" anything clamped to the bench works as well to meet the need. I keep on hand an 18" piece of MDF for this need. (so far I have avoided cutting it up for some other need at hand :) )

It is not necessary to "lock" the drawer in position and in fact it is not necessary to even have the support as wide as the drawer is deep. The drawer will plane with the support a few inches more narrow than the drawer depth. These facts may not be apparent to those that have not planed a drawer.

Because the support does not have to be as wide as the drawer is deep one may be able to find a piece of 3/4 MDF or plywood around the shop to serve as the support.

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