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Re: On sensitivities to allergens

David Weaver
yes on the cherry - asthma was much worse when I was a kid (bronchitis four times a year is more like 1 now) and exercise triggered it every time (leading to getting coached up by teachers during field day about "not being so lazy" as I was choking for air).

Sensitizers give you feedback right away - as you say, the more you're exposed, the worse things get - usually, but some separation for a while and it seems like some of the memory of certain things are gone.

Doesn't always make sense (no sensitivity to cocobolo, but sensitivity to cherry - with more exposure, that could probably change, but maybe the sensitizing isn't asthmatic for cocobolo? don't know).

This and a lack of desire in installing any significant dust collection (and listening to it run all the time, or constantly wasting money on sanding kit) covers the rest of it. Scraping the cherry case yesterday (some at face level) probably had a lot to do with the issues and a simple box fan sending the dust out the front of the garage would've been enough to avoid it. More likely the macassar board had nothing to do with it - just the last thing i scraped before some tightness.

I just *can't wait* to get covid and see how it goes :b colds turn into bronchitis about 90% of the time (inflammatory response to the cough), but I've had bronchitis so many times (probably between 75 and 100) that it's familiar and it is the same negative experience that it becomes for someone who gets it the first time.

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