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Small Spalted Walnut Mirror *PIC*

Raymond in Trenton NJ
Hi everyone,

Here’s a little mirror I saved from becoming floor sweepings. Once upon a time, I was trying to turn this piece of curb found walnut. I was trying for a ‘ginger jar’ look, where the top had a smaller diameter than the body. Well this piece of walnut, IMHO, had very striking spalting in the sap at the top, too striking to just waste it away. So I cut it off as a ring with absolutely no clue to what I was going to do with it.

At the time I was more interested to see if I could actually save it as an intact ring. It was cross grain and had punky spots, but the engineer in me likes challenges. I ended up separating it successfully, looked at it and said “That’s nice” and set it down on the pile of ‘soon forgotten projects’.

Fast forward 10 months. The Boss and I were walking through a crafts store and I spied an isle of mirrors. BINGO! In a flash the ring came to mind and knew what I could do with it. Bought a 6” beveled (actual glass) mirror that would fit and rebated it in. The backing is held in with glazier points. Overall dimensions are 7” in diameter, 1” thick. Finish is shellac, topped with (rattle can) lacquer and Butcher’s wax.

And I know what you’re going to ask … The answer is Yes and No.

Yes” – The Boss likes it.
No” – The bowl is (still) not done.

Thanks for looking,

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