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David Weaver
poorly worded on my part, probably. Schwarz wrote an article from roubo's text. Schwarz then talked about a bees knees giganto holdfast from peter ross, then showed himself having trouble accommodating it in his bench, leading to giant tapered holes.

Then Schwarz talked about finding a big french holdfast in a barn that held better than anything else they tried, and it wasn't tapered.

Subsequently leading to very expensive cast holdfasts, and discussions about where to put extra dogholes for these things (with commenters asking where should they go?).

I'm not sure how people would make things at their bench and then want to know from someone else where their holdfast holes should go. My dog holes are generally in a different place than most - to make planes. If I listened to someone else about where to put dog holes, etc, I'd be drilling more dog holes.

At any rate, if I implied roubo was writing articles, I mean his text being quoted in blog articles or posts.

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