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David Weaver
That appears to match the text. it wouldn't solve any problems that I have but it would create more. If I were starting fresh, maybe I'd have a different outlook (the roubo apparently holds well in benches up to 8 inches - a problem I don't have). It apparently - at the size - will not gall the tops of the holes like some people complain about with the smaller holdfasts (those folks must have softwood benches -something I have no interest in).

I couldn't tell you who even makes a good forged version. You can always look to Chris Schwarz to sell the flavor of the minute in something else (it appears that he sells a casted version for the price of forged - it's straight shaft - would create the same problem, and I could also replace my stanley engineer's hammer with a $100 fancy "lump hammer" at the same time).

But, I'm not a re-enactor and would need to find a problem first. One whack in, one whack out isn't a problem.

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