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David Weaver
Roubo doesn't have anything about a stanley bailey plane, i'm sure, but they are a marvel.

I suppose this is what you're talking about?


Right now, I have a pair of smaller hold fasts that will hold as long as I want to work on something with one strike, and they'll release with one strike. They're made of something that wasn't economically available at the time that roubo wrote his article, and they fit in dog holes that I already have in my bench.

I have a tool box under my bench with all of my marking gauges, knives, regularly used files, etc. If I were to chase history, I'd have to drill more holes (no thanks), move my tool box (no thanks) and deal with a much heavier holdfast (no thanks) for a problem that I couldn't identify (the gramercy hold fasts are light enough and unintrusive enough to hold down glued together pencil stock, or to hold an 8 foot sticking board with a huge piece of wood in it, or a plane blank. The lower profile makes them easier to work with when you're planing something thin (like a door panel) that's moved and you're left to thickness it by holding it with a hold fast and planing center to end.

But it is true that a user should sand these inexpensive hold fasts. Frank wasn't given that chance on something that isn't his. As for everyone else, woodworking is really punitive to anyone who wants to purchase everything as-is and never do anything to make their tools function any better.

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