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Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
I have two Gramercy hold downs also, and am wondering how anything could function any better? They work perfectly, are easy to set and to release. What makes those rather "Rube Goldberg" (or "Heath Robinson" if you prefer?) Lee Valley hold downs better?

Ken, I have a video demonstrating how easy it is to use the Gramercy. I have never experienced any difficulty with their slipping, and the video was to demonstrate that ia get them to hold with hand pressure.

The Veritas have a longer reach, and are not restricted for placement. Traditional hold downs, like the Gramercy, require space behind them to release with a swing of a hammer. There are times when this is not easy. The Veritas simply require a twist of the nob. They also permit a viable downforce.

Two products, both very usable and similar, with a difference that makes them desirable as a team.

Regards from Perth


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