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David Weaver
something didn't sound right here (klausz struggling with a holdfast - nobody would tolerate that in their shop if they did any amount of work) - it appears that in the first video, he as using someone else's stuff at a contest.

In this video, no such problem. I can see that he sanded the shaft of the holdfast.

A *pair* of these holdfasts is $39. They're pretty much unbreakable and not absurdly long or heavy. If one can't stand the look of what appears to be bent drill, I guess that's something they'll have to deal with, but a minute of shaft sanding will get you a decade of service. I can't see that as being a problem.

I just looked at the tops of mine - I often hit them with a steel hammer. They have barely shown any damage (a century of my use would leave them hardly much worse). They're one of the rare treats in modern manufactured tools. Something that's really excellent and cheap at the same time.

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