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Flat panel doors with beads...

David Weaver
I'm going to start making doors this weekend. Thanks to what I'll refer to as covid unproductiveness, I won't be able to do it all weekend and knock all four out, but the door design will be flat panel (solid wood) and mortise and tenon with an interior bead (the bead will be mitered).

As is generally the case, entirely by hand, so haunched m&t because it's easiest.

if you've come across a beaded door design that you are particularly fond of that has just a little bit more gingerbread than what I'm mentioning, I'm all ears.

Also, I've seen people mention before that they apply the bead at the end of the process instead of making it integral to the door. What's the advantage of this - making it easier to get the miters dead on?

I've got a nice beading plane that will work well for this, and won't have to scratch them. In continuing to unwind why I find things in certain conditions, I've found that buffing the face of the beading iron certainly rounds the front over a little bit, but it eliminates or nearly eliminates tearout in cherry that's not really that straight.

I've been puzzled by this in the past - some irons have been very deliberately rounded on the face (non-bevel side) I think I know why.

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