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Well hello Wiley! - OT.

Raymond in Trenton
Wiley Horne! Hello my friend.

I don't think it's been 20 years .... but it has been a long time. Maybe 15 ... Wow! Feels good to be remembered :o)

I'm still alive and kicking, work changed (actually a good change) and interfered with my WC time. Still without internet at home so that sort of cut me off. Oh well. It also interfered with bench time, so much so it wasn't worth starting anything involved. Needless to say, the "I want to do this" list has grown.

To preserve mental stability I started teaching myself turning. Mostly small stuff; mallets, bowls, eggs, lidded boxes and a couple Christmas ornaments. I can work for as little as 30-45 minutes, get my fix and walk away. The good thing about turning is when I go back, just pick it up and continue. I'm spending my time between the turning form and here. And if I can remember/figure out the picture thing again, I'll put up some photos of my stuff.

Hope you've been well and are and continue to do so in this current situation.


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