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Since you asked about 'my movement' :o)

Raymond in Trenton
Hi David,

I believe my pieces are too short to twist, or have notable twist. The longest is only 12"-12" long (with the grain). The movement made all the squares morph into trapezoids. It's still no issue for turning. The incentive was free wood for: 1 - practice/learn drying wood and 2 - teach myself turning. Don't have a moisture meter and I didn't think to weigh them. It's been just over 4 years. William is right, it moves, more so being kiln dried. All were anchorsealed.

Back in early 2016, construction in the neighborhood took down some big LPTs. Most were 4+ foot at breast height and all the sections were 18+ inches. I couldn't even roll some. I did find a small tree and the only section I was able to 'harvest' was a triangular "slice" 3/4 through the tree. At 3 ' wide and 12" (and down to 2") it was all I could do to get it into my 'pickup'. (a '94 Subaru plain Legacy station wagon!) All under cover of darkness.


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