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Re: I have less of this than I thought I did...

Sgian Dubh
"Lovely white color, but looks like hard maple and is contrary like quartered hard maple."

On a sort of slightly divergent note, it's remarkable sometimes how similar in appearance, and behaviour during working, is what we Europeans simply call sycamore (Acer pseudoplatanus) to hard or rock maple (Acer saccharum), native to North America. Once or twice, maybe more times, I've used both species in the same piece of furniture, although probably never directly next to each other as in a panel glue-up, and their appearance after polishing was pretty much identical. For instance, I recall from many years ago a legset made of hard maple, and the table top made of sycamore, or it may have been the other way around - can't recall for sure.

I suppose the physical similarities often to be seen in the two species aren't entirely surprising, both being Acers, but I suppose they could have evolved to be markedly different in their characteristics, being native to different continents and all the other differences in growing conditions, weather, climate, and so on. Slainte.

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