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Thanks *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Thank you for the additional detail. I am not confident what you did would be robust enough for the desk I am making. The larger desk structure will put more stress on the leg to side joints.

For the desk in the picture I used sturdy joinery but it was hard to execute. Too many joints had to come together all at once and mate tightly. The top rail is dovetailed into the leg, the bottom rail is M&T into the leg and the panel is set in a dado in the leg and rails.

For the desk under construction, I am considering mortising the panel into the leg to provide a sturdy connection of the legs to sides, then simply fastening the top and bottom rail to the panel, with a tight fit between the legs. (the rails will not be structural components, merely decorative framing for the panel)

I am smitten by the appearance of a framed panel for the side of something with legs sticking beneath. This effect appears in student work from College of Redwoods. Would be nice to know how they do it.

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