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Nightstand in QS Sycamore (handtools only) *PIC*

Jim Matthews
I replaced my Partcle board nightstand with a larger piece.

24x24x37" it fits neatly where the landfill candidate served.

It's made of what I have, and the stuff is challenging.
Quartersawn Sycamore which saws beautifully, but is so heavily figured that tear out was unavoidable. *LOTS* of sanding was required.

The the legs came from the same billet, faced with with shop veneer from the same stock to present more interesting grain on the show faces.

I experimented with a side frame to connect the front and rear leg pairs (they were traditional tenon and dovetail assrmblies).

The side frame is half laps in Yellowheart (because I had it).
The side frame is attached with glue and screws.

Each side accepts a press fit panel of QS Sycamore.

Drawers are front rabbet, rear dado. Front rabbets held with glue and screws.
Rear dado is plywood, drawer bottoms are plywood with rub joint supports.

Drawer bodies are Poplar.

Drawers ride on dovetailed "rails" of White Oak.

Finished in Shellac and clear wax.


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