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Re: It was a torture test that converted me.

David Weaver
I don't think V11 will become a favorite of the full bevel sharpeners, especially anyone using typical older stones and natural finishes.

I grind them religiously, and though I rarely use diamond hones, I put a secondary bevel on XHP with a diamond hone and then still usually use a washita to finish the very edge. The abrasion resistance makes it so that it takes a finer edge off of the washita than most of my carbon steel stuff.

It's an extremely forgiving steel to heat treat and use, though, aside from that. If you get the edge cleaned off - leave the wire edge or not, or get it a little hot on the grinder, it won't be affected much. It might lose a point or two, but it won't lose 10 or 15 like O1 does when blued.

But for regular sharpening, it's double the abrasive resistance and on full flat or rounded bevels, that'll be noticed!!! Doesn't spark much on a grinder - kind of miss the sparks.

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