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oh my (operator error on the case)

David Weaver
gluing the base on this case - I always like to make a solid 8/4 base on cases. It's unnecessarily heavy, but it accomplishes two things - it's simple and permanent looking wherever the case sits, and it prevents the kids from losing things under cabinets.

The same user error exists at the bottom of this case (no drawn out plans, little experience building furniture - especially without frames - and I didn't leave a lip out of the bottom of the case to accommodate for the door thickness.

I cut the rabbet shallow on the front piece of base wood to make room for that and figured I'd just change the angles for the miter. To say that wasn't thinking it through (they could've just been done like the miters on the top of the case. It would've been weird, but so what) would be an understatement.

The result is this:



I'm not looking for extra effort to finish this and was about ready to tear everything off and "do it right" but changed my mind and figured it might be an interesting opportunity to see if I could blend the two mismatches together and allow a little bit of endgrain to show (where this thing will sit, it's between a wall and a hearth, so only the front will be easily visible).

When I turn this over later today, I'll address the little bit of the top that needs to be matched up. Too risky to fix that upside down.


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